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In China people who are above mortal level are called Ancient Martial Artists while in Western World they are called Martial Warriors.

True martial arts are control of one's vital essence.

  • Vital Essence is something similar to Qi.
  • Dantian is storage of Vital Essence.

The stronger the technique, the larger the amount of vital essence required to support it.

Difference between Ancient Martialists & Ordinary people Edit

Ordinary people only exercise muscular strength which is limited to a certain range. While ancient warriors absorb genuine energy from the air and form vital essence, whose power is limitless. Only those who have cultivated vital essence can be called ancient martial artists or martial warriors.

Difference between Self-cultivators & Ancient Martialists Edit

Self-cultivators were extremely powerful, and even the weakest self-cultivators were twice as powerful as those at the peak of grandmaster realm.

Self-cultivators could take advantage of the energy of heaven and earth for their own purpose, which was the difference between self-cultivators and ancient Martial Artists.  

Ancient martial artists can only gather vital essence, but self-cultivators have the ability to accumulate spirit nuclei, the solid form of vital essence.

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