If you are a good person, then this world would have no bad guys! You are a total jerk!
Fiery Demon King to Qingfeng Li

She had been one of the ten demon kings fifteen years ago but she left the Conqueror, who had not found the fiery fruit for her. She searched for the fruits by herself and finally found them on the Fiery Island.

But the fruits still needed many years to mature when she found them, so she settled down on the island to wait for the harvest time. The fiery fruit was essential to her cultivation breakthrough since she exercised fire-natured self-cultivation techniques.

Fiery Demon King came to Red Fiery Island for the fiery fruit, and she waited for more than ten years, spending all of her youth here, just for this spirit fruit. However, she had never thought that a man would just randomly give it to her.

Personality Edit

Fiery Demon King was arrogant, violent, and vicious, but she knew right and wrong, which was why she didn't kill Qingfeng Li. 

One had to say, Fiery Demon King had the most arrogant mannerisms of the ten demon kings, almost rivaling the arrogance of Qingfeng. She did not care for any of her opponents at all. 

Weapons Edit

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