First appearance chapter 845: She was about 24 years old with a veil covering her face. Her chest was as large as papayas and her skin was as white as white jade. It could be seen from her curvy figure that she was an unmatchable beauty.

The woman under the veil was no one else but the Flower Fairy from the Hundred-Flower Palace. She was a super master ranked within the top 15 on the grandmaster list.

Her strength dropped from

☀half-step True Spirit Realm to Higher Heaven Peak State as she used half of her bloodline to save Ruyan Liu in exchange for three favours with Qingfeng Li. (Chapter 925)

Face without veil Edit

Her face was graceful like a bouquet of peonies, her skin was white like a snow lotus, her lips were red like cherries, her eyes were bright like stars, and her slim eyelashes blinked like two small windows, shining with a charming radiance.

Besides being gorgeous looking, she also had a splendid and flawless figure.

Qingfeng Li had met numerous beauties. Xue Lin was elegant, Ruyan Liu was enchanting, and Xiaoyue Zhang was pure, but Flower Fairy had all of their qualities.

Flower Fairy was known as the number one beauty in the ancient martial arts world, and she deserved it. Qingfeng Li struggled to keep his admiration inside.

Trivia Edit

  • Kissed by Qingfeng Li after end of Saintess Competition[1]


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