The violent female police woman that kicks people in the balls.

Appearance Edit

She had a delicate face, bright skin, long hair and a tall figure.Flat chested but after Qingfeng Li used technique for growing breasts it got better.

Personality Edit

She has violent personality,Though Mengyao Xu was a bit violent, she had a strong sense of justice. As long as it was for justice, she would do it. Those who complained about her were some assholes.

Abilities Edit

When it came to solving the case, Mengyao Xu was one of the best in Eastern Sea City. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been promoted to the captain position of the police force at such a young age.Mengyao Xu was number one in police school. After she graduated, she started from the basic and had solved dozens of big cases, eventually being promoted to the captain position.She earned it from her real talent, not from connections.

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