Appearance Edit

A youngster. This youngster was truly very young. He was only about 25 years old. He had a handsome face, high nose, sword eyebrows and eyes.

History Edit

Fifteen years ago, when Purple Bat Demon King followed the Conqueror Third Master Li, he was only ten years old.

You know, the average person is only a teenager when he is ten years old, still attending primary school, but Purple Bat Demon King was not the same. He was extremely intelligent since childhood and showed a high degree of refinement and talent.

An Ancient Martial Artist once gave him a speed cultivation technique "bat movement technique". Purple Bat Demon King was very quick after mastering this technique. When he was only ten years old, he ran like a car.

Conqueror fancy Purple Bat Demon King's talent for speed, so included him as one of the top ten Demon King.

Of the top ten Demon Kings, the Purple Bat Demon King is the youngest, but fastest. He is taken care of by the other Demon Kings.

The ancient martial artist who later taught Purple Bat Demon King's cultivation technique was killed by Vampire Sect. Purple Bat Demon King became furious and started looking for Vampire Sect for revenge. Because the person who taught Purple Bat Demon King's cultivation technique felt like his master, and they had an excellent relationship.

In order to take revenge for his Master, Purple Bat Demon King killed Vampire Sect's son. This caused a big disaster.

Vampire Sect is the top force among Huaxia's first-class forces. They are almost able to break through any kind of fortress with their numerous masters and strong players.

At that time, the Conqueror had disappeared, and the group of top ten Demon Kings was also disbanded. Purple Bat Demon King has a righteous spirit, and valued his relationships. He knew that if he stayed at Huaxia, Vampire Sect would go to the Qingfeng Li family and cause trouble. He didn't want to trouble for Qingfeng Li's family.

In order not hinder Qingfeng Li Family, Purple Bat Demon King fled to Pacific Island thousands of miles away. He spent the following year hiding as a professor at Pacific Island Sakura University.

Purple Bat Demon King not only looks handsome, but also very knowledgably. Many students like to listen to him., and it's very common for women to have a crush on him.

Trivia Edit

  • Within the Ten Demon Kings, Purple Bat Demon King was the youngest, so the other devils called him Little Purple Bat.
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