When the tiger doesn't make an effort, you take it for a Hello Kitty?
Qingfeng Li in anger

Qingfeng Li is the principal protagonist of the novel " My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife" .

Appearance Edit

Handsome. He usually wears camouflage uniform.

Personality Edit


It’s nothing special, just number one in the world.
Qingfeng Li about his racing skill

Speaking of his own character, Qingfeng had always been proud of it. He believed that he was a good person, an extraordinarily good person and that he always helped those who were facing difficulties.

Qingfeng fought people too, but he only fought bad guys, mainly random thugs who came to him looking for trouble.

Qingfeng Li’s principle was to save whenever he can. Spending others’ money, and saving his.

In this world, you can ignore everyone except for two people. The lady that gave life to you, your mother, and the lady you had sex with, because she gave you the most important part of her.
— His teacher told him

Qingfeng Li was very approachable, if you didn't mess with him, then he wouldn't mess with you. But if you mess with him, he will mess with you for sure. If you are nice to him, he will be nice to you. If you are mean to him, he will be mean to you.

He has so foul tonque that you could die from cursing.

Background Edit

His father is Conqueror, one of the most respectable warriors of Huaxia and his mother is Second Phoenix of heaven and earth.

Illness Edit

Qingfeng had a combat disorder. Whenever he killed a man, he needed to have sex with a woman.

Battlefield syndrome: When he is too angry, all he wants is to kill.It was so intense that it was almost uncontrollable for him.

History Edit

Qingfeng’s identity wasn’t simple at all. He was the son of the capital city’s Li Family, a descendant of a family with a net worth of over several hundred billions of RMB.Due to the disappearance of Qingfeng’s parents, he became an abandoned son, and was sent out of the country. Later, he became a mercenary and was able to form the Wolf Fang Clan, becoming infamously known as the Wolf King.He was an underworld boss of the Wolf Continent.However, Qingfeng had always been out of the country and had never seen Xue Lin before, so the two didn’t have any emotional foundations.

He was an abandoned child of the family. Nobody had ever cared about him. Nobody would ever wait for him at night. Xue Lin was the first woman who waited for him at night.

Back then, Qingfeng was bullied at the Li Family. In a fit of rage, the Wind-Edge Demon King brought Qingfeng to the Wolf Continent. The other nine demons were all aware and gave tacit consent to his actions since the Wind-Edge Demon King was the strongest of them all.

He was eight when his parents disappeared. His teacher had raised him and was like family to him. Qingfeng was naturally sad that his teacher had disappeared too.

Previous Life Edit

In the distant Chaos Era, Qingfeng Li was an immortal king. As the famous almighty immortal king of the Human Race, he had suppressed dark rebellions and, in this life, he was a reincarnator.

As an immortal king he had a special power of his own called the Light of Sun and Moon. In other words, his left eye could shoot out the sun and his right eye could shoot out the moon; when both the sun and the moon were launched, they could shatter the sky and the earth.[1]

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Trivia Edit

  • He bought washboard called "Listen to Your Wife"
  • Qingfeng Li's biggest strength was that he was able to learn from others' strengths.
  • He has the same level invincibility so anyone in same realm is not his opponent.
  • Qingfeng Li finally slept with Xue Lin but Xue Lin wasn't able to wake up next morning because of Death Curse.[2]
  • Qingfeng Li is a reincarnation of immortal king.[1]


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