Realms(Domains) Edit

Qingfeng Li possesses three realms:

  • Inferno Realm (Obtained after breakingthrough Grandmaster State)
  • Gravity Realm (Obtained from Zhongtian Tie)
  • Storm Realm

Cultivation Edit

Realm Tier Strength Time Frame Chapter Details
SSS Pinnacle 500 kg 24 yrs 1 After training with Wind Edge Demon King
Lower Heaven Early LH Mid 1 day 620 After mastering True Martial Emperor Skin Breathing Technique in a day
Lower Heaven Mid LH Late 2 days 632 After absorbing chilling qi from Guinsoo and vital yin from Mengyao Xu
Lower Heaven Late LH Peak 2 days 653 Tendon-Strengthening Pill
Lower Heaven Peak HH Early 1 day 661 After eating Gator King's bloodline
Higher Heaven Early HH Peak 3 days 695 Absorbing drop of Dragon's blood
Higher Heaven Mid 1/2 GM 4 days 731 After eating Seven Star Fruit
Grandmaster Half-step GM Mid 1 day 752 After taking Yangzi Blood's blood
Grandmaster Early GM Late 2 days 788 Comprehended fire power, his domain is called Inferno Realm
Grandmaster Mid GM Peak 2 days 800 Bloodline advancing in level two
Grandmaster Late GM Peak+ 4 days 858 Ate Fire Evolutionary Fruit
Grandmaster Peak 1/2 TS 1 day 885 Used the Thunder Spirit Flower
True Spirit Half-step TS Early 2 days 918 After swallowing the Ancient Hellhound Bloodline
True Spirit Early TS Mid 3 days 947 Advanced after absorbing half of the bloodline of Black Dragon.
True Spirit Early TS Peak 1 day 973 Mastering the One Finger Splits All, invincible in True Spirit Realm
True Spirit Mid 1/2 ES 1 day 987 After absorbing True Spirit Stone
True Spirit Peak ES Early <1 day 1000 Devoured bloodline of Hundred Flower Palace's First Elder
Earthly Spirit Early ES Mid+ 3 days 1016 Absorbed Man Eating Flower King's seeds
Earthly Spirit Mid ES Peak <1 day 1030 Cultivated Heavenly Spirit Chant
Earthly Spirit Mid Unrivaled within Earthly Spirit <1 day 1032 Green Tower restriction of realm - Within the realm, all beings' power was restricted
Earthly Spirit Peak HS Early 1 day 1039 After Eating Ming Xie's Bloodline
Heavenly Spirit Early Unrivaled within <1 day 1044 After activating 3rd level of Mortal Purgatory Body

Restriction Realm 100m range

Heavenly Spirit Late Heavenly Spirit <1 day 1052 After cultivating the Heavenly Immortal Chant's 3rd level
Heavenly Spirit Peak 1/2 Spirit King 2 days 1067 After absorbing the vital essence from the heavenly spirit tier pill
Spirit King Half-Step Spirit King Early 1 day 1078 After devouring Sky Demon Bloodline
Spirit King 1st Level 1127 Spirit King Fruit
Spirit King 2nd Level <1 day 1133 Fire King-Level Pill
Spirit King 3rd Level 2 days 1166 Devoured Bloodline of Augustine
Spirit King 4th Level 1204 After enduring a beating
Spirit King 5th Level 1238 Ate Fire Essence Spiritual Fruit
Spirit King 7th Level <1 day 1267 After devouring Corpse Energy
Spirit King 9th Level <1 day 1308 After absorbing Emperor Fire Spirit Fruit
Spirit Emperor Half-Step SE 4th level <1 day 1321 After absorbing Saint Soil
Spirit Emperor 1st Level SE 7th level 4 days 1434 After devouring Magma Elephant bloodline
Spirit Emperor 2nd Level <1 day 1439 After absorbing Magma Mystic Royal Fruit
Spirit Emperor 3rd Level <1 day 1447 After absorbing  Fire Demonic Eagle pill
Spirit Emperor 6th Level <1 day 1467 After devouring Sun God Bloodline
Spirit Emperor 7th Level 1514 After Devouring Golden Lion Bloodline
Spirit Emperor 8th Level 1621 After refining the Spirit Supreme Fruit
Spirit Emperor 9th Level 1645 Ate the Fire-Yang Elixir
Spirit Supreme 1st Level 1663 After refining Gold Dragon Bone from Auction House
Spirit Supreme 2nd Level 1702 Ate a Supreme level elixir
Spirit Supreme 3rd Level 1732 After absorbing the Wind Dao Seed
Spirit Supreme 5th Level 1738 Ate three 5th level Supreme class elixirs
Spirit Supreme 6th Level 1742 Ate three Gold-Yang elixirs
Spirit Supreme 7th Level 1777 Absorbing the Sky Wolf Law with his Wolf God Bloodline
Spirit Supreme 9th Level 1787 Ate the Three-Petal Fire Spiritual Herb
Spirit Monarch Half-Step 1798 Mastered ten sets of the Wolf God Order runes
Spirit Monarch 1st Level 1821 Devoured the Sky Demonic Tiger's devouring demon pill
Spirit Monarch 2nd Level 1837 After absorbing Spiritual Root
Spirit Monarch 3rd Level 1841 After devouring Sky Snake Bloodline
Spirit Monarch 5th Level 1874 After absorbing 1,000 spirit stones
Spirit Monarch 6th Level 1905 After devouring the Thunder of Heaven's Punishment
Spirit Monarch 7th Level 1923 Devoured Wind Eagle Bloodline
Spirit Monarch 8th Level 2001 Devoured the blood energy from Jun Po
Spirit Monarch 9th Level 2015 Cultivating the - Yin-Yang Saint Technique
Saint Half-Step 2039 Devoured Sky-Breaking Monarch's Holy Flood Dragon Bloodline
Saint Low 2053
Saint Middle 2161
Saint Upper 2187 After absorbing Immortal Soil
Saint Peak 2223
Saint Perfection 2267
Immortal Half Low Immortal 2304 After refining Moon Immortal Pill
Immortal Low Mid Immortal 2357 After absorbing Yin-Yang Immortal Vulture's blood
Immortal Mid Peak Immortal 2389 Mastering the Strangle Hell Fist
Immortal Peak Half Step Immortal King 2433 After absorbing the Chaos Spirit Fruit
Immortal King Half-Step Immortal King 2476 After refining the Nine Thunder Immortal Pearl
Immortal king Perfection Half Step Immortal Monrach 2482 After swallowing Black Thunder Immortal King's Taotie Bloodline
Immortal Monarch Perfection 2505 After Absorbing Immortal Monarch Origin

Bloodline Edit

Level Chapter Color Details
1st Grade 1 Red Only one percent of his ancient bloodline has awakened. His red blood was the lowest first-grade bloodline, so low that it wasn't even close to the second-grade bloodline.
2nd Grade 800 Cyan Blue The evolvement would be impossible if it wasn't the fact that there was a drop of dragon blood and the Ancient Wolf-king Bloodline inside Qingfeng Li's body, along with the pressure of Zhongtian Tie's Gravity Realm.
3rd Grade Orange
4th Grade
5th Grade
6th Grade
7th Grade Silver
8th Grade Gold
9th Grade Bright yellow gold

Physique Edit

Qingfeng Li is cultivating  Mortal Purgatory Body technique. This technique has the ability to advance physique from Mortal Body to Immortal Body.

Level Chapter Skin Color Details
Level 1 - Mortal 879 Green Absorbing Thunder at Sky Thunder Array
Level 2 - Spirit 967 Red Bathing in Lava at Red Fiery Island
Level 3 - Monarch 1044 Black Absorbing Black Flame of Dark-Hell Snake King
Level 4 - Emperor 1062 Light Gold Absorbing the energy of the Golden Herb
Level 5 - Sovereign 1378 Gold Absorbing the Saint Nectar of Hell
Level 6 - Saint 2053
Level 7 - Immortal
Level 8 - God

Level 9 - Celestial

Sword Intent Edit

Sword intent, as the name implies, embodied a special mindset. It wasn't a simple offensive technique but rather, it had the ability to damage one's spirit energy, limiting their movements.

Level Chapter Details
Level 1 1021 Thirty meters of fire was equivalent to one tenth of the sword intent. It was extremely difficult to gain insight in sword intent.
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6
Level 7
Level 8
Level 9
Level 10

Spiritual Edit

He could devour the other's spiritual energy and gain greater power.

Level Stage Chapter Details
1st Grade Middle 996 Absorbing Zhiruo Zhao's spiritual energy
Advanced 997 Absorbing Hundred Flower Palace's Second Elder's spiritual energy
2nd Grade Beginner
3rd Grade Beginner
4th Grade Beginner
5th Grade Beginner
6th Grade Beginner
7th Grade Beginner
8th Grade Beginner
9th Grade Beginner
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