Techniques Edit

Cultivation Edit

  • Bone Connecting Technique
  • True Martial Emperor Technique
  • Mortal Purgatory Body
  • Heavenly Spirit Chant
  • Godly Dragon Chant

Combat Edit

Movement Edit

  • Dragon Steps - Beginning Stage Earthly Spirit tier technique
  • Dragon's Thousand Steps - King Level Footwork Technique
  • Wind Elemental Wings

Physique Edit

Spiritual Edit

  • Spiritual Energy Chant - Grandmaster rank
  • Spiral Waves (Spiral Double-Edge Wave) - Secret Spiritual Technique
  • Lion Roar - Secret Spiritual Technique
  • Soul Searching Technique

Bloodline Edit

  • Wolf King Fist
  • Blood Wolf Fist
  • Eye of Wolf King (Wolf Totem, used for hypnotising)
  • Wolf King Bloodline Totem (power of bloodline)
  • Devourer Bloodline
  • Dragon Bloodline
  • Wolf God Bloodline

Medicine Edit

  • Nine Penis-Empowering Needles
  • Nine Needles of Heaven Fate
  • Nine Needles of Fate
  • Nine Needles of Blood Life
  • Observing Technique
  • Qi-Inspection Technique
  • Massage Skills
  • Nine Acupuncture Points of Epilepsy

Alchemy Edit

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