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She was the eldest daughter from the Liu family in the capital. No one in Eastern Sea City had more influence than she did.Ruyan Liu was extremely famous in Eastern Sea City. After all, she was the number one seductive goddess and a rich woman. She was the idol of all women and goddess of all men.

Appearance Edit

This beauty was too beautiful. Her face was charming, like a delicate rose. Her skin was snow-white, like the snow on the mountain. Her eyes were watery, as if they were stars in the sky. Her figure was even graceful and matchless, delicate and exquisite.

Her face looked glamorous, her little pretty nose, her beautiful eyes were like two perfect black pearls that kept releasing a charming temptation, and her lips were like a fresh cherry. With her remarkably soft chest

Personality Edit

Seductive.Charming and attractive.

She was a genius with an IQ over 240.[1]

She was so disappointed in her father. He always prioritized the benefit of the family over her and treated her like a toy that could be traded easily.Ruyan felt like her heart was split apart. She felt so disappointed by the fact that her parents actually forced her to marry Qingyuan as a barter for giving birth to her.  

Trivia Edit

  • She was an immortal queen
  • As an immortal queen she ruled over one of the 3,000 Grand Worlds of the universe, the Rainbow Sword Planet.
  • In her past life, she was ambushed and killed by four powerful saints and an immortal king.

  == References ==

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