Aka Young Master Zhang, young master of Zhang Family which is one of the four big families in Eastern Sea City, loves Qingfeng because Qingfeng cured his erectile dysfunction

Appearance Edit

He looked coquettish and like a p***y.

Disease Edit

Young Master Zhang’s mum was seriously injured when she was pregnant and affected the fetus. So when he was born, his penis was injured, which is his biggest pain in his heart.Thinking about how a man with a useless penis was like a eunuch, Young Master Zhang felt that it was a big punishment.Ever since Young Master Zhang got diagnosed short penis syndrome, neither his father nor his mother liked him. People around laughed at him, and even his relatives and friends looked down upon on him.No one treated Young Master Zhang well in the past 20 years. Though living in a rich family, he didn’t feel any warmth at all, his heart was ice-cold.

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